Coatings & Treatments


ORCA Lens Lab’s Hard Multi-Coat Anti-Reflection (ORCA HMC AR) provides unsurpassed scratch and glare resistance. Formulated for today's digitally-processed spectacle lenses, our ORCA HMC AR drastically reduces unwanted front and back lens surface reflections and provides outstanding optical clarity and contrast for crisp and comfortable vision.

ORCA Black Ice AR+

Our exclusive ORCA Black Ice AR+ with a thermo-dipped hard coat provides industry-leading scratch resistance and enables low lens maintenance due to its highly effective levels of hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, and static resistance. It provides the ultimate visual acuity and comfort by reducing scratches, glare, and environmental smudges.

ORCA Blue UV 420
with Black Ice AR+

Blue UV 420 shields the eyes from damaging HEV blue (400nm to 420nm) and UV (100nm to 400nm) light and simultaneously reduce eye fatigue, improves overall visual comfort and enhances contrast on digital screens. It is paired with all the benefits of Black Ice AR+ to provide the ultimate in lens clarity.